Give them a Sound - Project

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA | july 12, 2017 @ 3.00 PM

Project to collect new and used music instrument, then distribute to the youth in townships to give them an opportunity to learn the instruments. (This is how Hugh Masekela came about) an instrument was given to him and he learned.

Big Brother - Project

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA | july 12, 2017 @ 3.00 PM

The Project will give bursaries to students seeking to study creative arts related courses at University. Project will also provide mentorship and financial aid, to ensure that the student has everything required to become a professional in the creative industry.

Career guidance

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA | july 12, 2017 @ 3.00 PM

We are also aware that youth in townships have limited exposure to career possibilities. We will be giving career guidance to students as to the possibilities of a career in the creative industry.

We will continue to emphasise the importance of academics, maths and science as pillars for a career in any industry. This will also help youth to understand that a career in arts, does not mean you do not need to study.

Mentor - Programme

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA | july 12, 2017 @ 3.00 PM

The board of directors is compromised inly of women. Who are passionate about the development of young ladies. They will structure a life skills programme to assist in combating teenage pregnancy.

Being an organisation linked to celebrities, we have identified that the youth need role models, to encourage them to avoid drugs and teenage pregnancy. We will thus o periodically have talks with the youth regarding these challenges and invite celebrities and industry leaders to assists.

The aim is that a teacher screened by the board is not just going to equip youth with a skill but also with career and life skills